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Global Organization for Earth System Science Portals (GO-ESSP) 2015 Workshop

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GO-ESSP Workshop 2015 "The challenges of providing portals for diverse user communities"

The first day will address targeted portals, that is portals for specific user communities such as for capacity building, regional portals and portals that support specific topics. Such portals will go beyond data alone and exploit expert knowledge, and are likely to benefit from interdisciplinary communities using effective collaboration tools.  The second day will address data standards, including the CF conventions, vocabularies and catalogues. The final day will focus on CMIP6 and the outlook for big data.

The venue holds about 70 people, so if the meeting is over-subscribed, the GO-ESSP committee will review and select based on abstracts provided. This year we intend to provide plenty of scope for interaction, and so will have a balance of talks and posters aimed at creating space for conversation. Poster presenters will be expected to provide a lightning talk.

Financial support in part by Infrastructure for the European Network of Earth System Modelling.

Do you have questions about GO-ESSP 2015 Workshop? Contact Charlotte Pascoe

Workshop Summary:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
10:30 to 18:30 9:10 to 17:30 9:30 to 13:00
Portals for downscaling. Research data portals. Wider community portals. CF and vocabularies. Interoperability. Diverse data. Distributed archives. MIP Lessons. CMIP6.
Portals Keynote: Benno Blumenthal (IRI NOAA / Columbia University) Standards Keynote: John Caron (UCAR / Unidata) 6 Big Data talks
8 Portals talks 5 Standards talks
7 Big Data talks Wash up
Up to 12 posters or BOGs 1 free talk slot  

Everyone can present. 4 keynotes + 26 talks + 40 posters ~ 70 people.

Charlotte Pascoe
On behalf of the GO-ESSP PIs

Dr Charlotte Pascoe, Senior Data Scientist
NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre,
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, OX11 0QX
+44 (0)1235 445869
<charlotte.pascoe (at) stfc.ac.uk>

last modified: April 08 2015.