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Global Organization for Earth System Science Portals (GO-ESSP) 2007 Workshop

Dates: 11-13 June 2007
Location: Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu) in the 'Latin Quarter' of Paris, France

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Workshop themes

The Sixth GO-ESSP Community Workshop will be held in Paris 11-13 June 2007. This workshop is intended to promote the goals and objectives of GO-ESSP. Participants will share their progress in developing software infrastructures that facilitate discovery, acquisition and analysis of climate data with, for this meeting, a special emphasis on model-generated data. They will seek to identify and foster integrated efforts that lead to global interoperability of their independently developed systems. Responding to the near-term software infrastructure requirements of both modeling centers and observational programs, a particular aim will be to promote and integrate activities that facilitate community analysis of widely distributed climate data archives.

As this year attendance is limited to 60 participants, we are requesting registrants to submit a brief abstract describing their interest in the workshop themes. The abstract is not to exceed a paragraph, or at most a page, and should include the title of a talk you might like to give. Submissions in any format (plain text, Open Document Format, PDF, MS Word, etc) are accepted. The organizers will contact you within about a week of abstract submission with word of its acceptance. Abstracts will be accepted until near the meeting date, although early submission is encouraged, as it will help us in planning the agenda. Members of the community are invited to submit abstracts to the GO-ESSP2007 registration site.

This workshop is focused on the following themes,

Metadata aggregation: discussion of emerging standards and "standards processes" for metadata, and strategies for unification across institutions and disciplines.

Protocols and standards for data usage: common standards to enable the comparative analysis of observational data, the analyzed climate record, and output from diverse models. Discussion of tools and software to exploit these emerging standards.

Procedures at the data access level: solutions for providing unified catalog services across distributed data. These will include access and authentication issues and federation across open and controlled sites.


The workshop days are structured into broad themes as shown below. A detailed agenda is available here. The meeting will begin on Monday, June 11th at 9am and finish on Wednesday, June 13th at 12:45pm. There will be an hour before 9:00 am for continental breakfast and to meet others.

A meeting of the GO-ESSP Steering Committee will follow the formal conclusion of the workshop on Day 3.

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