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Principal Investigators

Workshop Agenda-Day 1

9:00 Welcome - logistics, and expectations for the meeting Dean Williams 

9:05 Day-1 Introduction - Karl Taylor and Bryan Lawrence: Introduction to CF issues to be addressed

9:15 CF Governance

	CF website - Dean Williams
	Status and remaining issues for website

	Standard Name Committee - Alison Pamment
	Status, improvements needed, and issues for discussion

	Conventions Committee - Karl Taylor
	Support and governance issues

10:30 BREAK 

10:50 Convention changes & technical discussion

	GridSpecs - V. Balaji
	Sub-grids & curvilinear Cartesian coordinates

	Wording changes - Alison Pamment
	Ros Hatcher's wording change

	Variable identification - Russ Rew
	Coordinate variable identification with the axis attribute 

1:15 CF technical discussion continued

	Issues concerning underlying principles of CF (e.g., differing needs of obs. vs. models; how much intelligence required of applications; advisability of "pointers" to information external to the netCDF file; standard names vs. other controlled vocabulary; aggregation and discovery files) 

2:30 BREAK 

2:50 Miscellaneous technical issues (e.g., forecast (valid) time and original (run) time; ensembles; subgrid variation; time & calendar for paleoclimate simulations) 

3:50 Software in support of conventions 

	LibCF - Ed Harnett and Russ Rew
	The new NetCDF CF library and status

	NetCDF-4 - Russ Rew
	Experiences with NetCDF-4 and implications for the new CF conventions 

4:50 Completion of any discussions postponed from earlier in the day
5:10 Day wrap-up discussion - Outstanding issues; synthesis of discussion; and action items; promotion of CF; What can we do to make the system work better? 

Workshop Agenda-Day 2

9:00 Day-2 Introduction - Karl Taylor
Introduction to AR5 and its Timelines

9:10 Focus on AR5.

	V. Balaji, Princeton University
	AR5 use cases 

	Michael Lautenschlager, WDC Climate/Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology
	IPCC WG II+III Requirements for AR5 Data Management

	Bryan Lawrence, NCAS/BADC
	Technical and social requirements for a putative AR5 distributed database of simulation and other data

10:25 BREAK

Steve Hankin, NOAA/PMEL 
A proposed architecture for AR5 distributed model analysis and comparison

10:50 AR5 Panel Discussion.

12:10 LUNCH

1:25 Semantic Content of Metadata.
	Jon Blower, University of Reading
	DEWS: Delivering CF-NetCDF marine data through OGC Map and Coverage Services

	Lois Steenman-Clark, University of Reading
	NMM - a draft standard semantic metadata

	Jeremy Tandy, Met Office
	Moving forward from the RAL Feature Workshop

	Bert Jagers, Delft Hydraulics, Delft
	Storing data for integrated 1D, 2D, 3D models of rivers, estuaries, and seas

	Eric Guilyardi, NCAS/BADC
	METAFOR, a project for devising a Common Information Model for climate modelling data and models

3:20 BREAK

3:40 Semantic Aggregation of Metadata.

	Rocky Dunlap, Georgia Tech
	Employing Semantics for Multi-Schema Aggregation

	Roy Lowry, British Oceanographic Data Centre
	Vocabulary management: a foundation for semantic interoperability through ontology development

4:55 Day Wrap-up Round-table DiscussionOutstanding issues, synthesis of discussion, and action items. 

Workshop Agenda-Day 3

9:00 A Focus on User Experience. 

	Annette Schloss, University of New Hampshire
	Connecting large data bases to users through open-source, web-based tools

	Michael Burek, NCAR
	Experiences in using the Community Data Portal to support Scientific Data Workflows

	Serguei Nikonov, GFDL
	The LASurator

10:15 BREAK 

10:35 Interoperable Systems. 

	Stephan Kindermann, DKRZ, German Climate Computing Center
	Distributed data access and processing in the Collaborative Climate Community Grid (C3-Grid) Project

	Jai-Ho Oh, Pukyong National University
	Current Progress on the Weather/Climate Information System in Korea

	Baudouin Raoult, ECMWF
	The EU Funded BRIDGE Project

	Michael Burek, NCAR
	Experiences with Metadata Federation using OAI and THREDDS

12:40 Wrapup.

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