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Earth Science Portal Meeting Agenda

Schedule for the Global Organization for Earth System Science Portal (GO-ESSP) meeting to be held on June 6-8, 2005 at the British Atmospheric Data Centre, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, England.

Meeting Themes:

	- Data Modelling and Interfaces.
	- Intra-Portal Subsystems (including Metadata Requirements and Access Control).
	- Inter-Portal Cataloguing and Discovery (including more Metadata).
	- Standardisation (especially with respect to CF conventions and OGC Web Services).
The meeting will also focus on coming up with working plans to:

	- Improve the process and methodology of the CF convention evolution.
	- Improve discovery between datasets held in different portals (across both discipline and geographic boundaries).
All presentations presented at this workshop will be included in the workshop summary.


Session 1. Institutional Reviews

	Bryan Lawrence (NCAS-BADC)
	An intro to the BADC, and how it will interact with the NERC DataGrid.
	Karl Taylor (PCMDI)
	Serving the needs of Model Intercomparison Projects and the IPCC.

	Don Middleton (NCAR)
	Emerging cyberinfrastructure for data at NCAR.
	Steve Hankin (PMEL)
	Latest developments of the Live Access Server.

Session 2. Institutional Reviews
	Jeremy Tandy (UK Met Office)
	Data discovery portal implementation at the UK Met Office.
	Jordan Alpert (NCEP)
	Progress of the real time NOMADS project at NCEP.

	Frank Tousaint (World Data Centre)
	The Model Output Data Center in the CEOP Project - Interfaces for data and metadata.
	Serguei Nikonov (GFDL)
	GFDL Data Portal; achievements and current status.

Session 3. Intra Portal Technologies
	Lois Steenman-Clark (NCAS-CGAM)
	Presentation of model metadata and its automatic capture during a model experiment.
	Roy Lowry (BODC)
	The BODC mark-up vocabulary semantic model.
	Kevin O'Brien and Steve Hankin (PMEL)
	NOAA's Observing System Monitoring Center.
	Ag Stephens (NCAS-BADC, UK Met Office)
	Reuse of portal components.
	Annette Schloss (University of New Hampshire)
	Exploring Global Change at UNH.
Session 4. Data Structures and Modelling
	Bob Drach (PCMDI)
	Overview of the IPCC 4AR model output database.
	Adityarajsingh Santokhee (University Reading )
	Storing and manipulating gridded data using databases.
	Russ Rew (NCAR)
	The future of NetCDF.
	Benno Blumenthal (IRI)
	Data Interoperability at IRI.
	Andrew Woolf (BADC)
	Data integration with the Climate Science Modelling Language.
Session 5. Standardisation and Processes
	Karl Taylor(PCMDI)
	Metadata requirements beyond those provided by the CF convention.
	Jonathan Gregory (University Reading)
	Future of CF conventions and standard names.
	V. Balaji (Princeton University)
	Model grid metadata.
	Steve Hankin (PMEL)
	Thoughts on the CF standards process and potential NOAA and US IOOS contributions.

	Manuel Fuentes (ECMWF)
	Experience with CF at ECMWF.


Breakout 1. CF Futures
Session 6. InterPortal Technologies
	Michael Burek (NCAR)
	Experiences with Geoscience Metadata sharing using OAI Protocol.
	Melanie Meaux (GCMD)
	Edging Toward Interoperability.
	Luca Cinquini(NCAR)
	Authentication and authorization system for NCAR web portals.
	Marta Gutierrez (NCAS-BADC)
	Web Service Interfaces to Discovery Services.
Breakout 2 and 3. Global Interoperation/Model Metadata
Session 7. Directions for GO-ESSP (Breakout summaries plus discussion).

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